Frequently asked questions

Here a just a few sample questions we get asked.If you can not find the answer below call us on 01823 690 555
Do I Need to Register?
You do not have to register to browse the site. But you will need to register to access member areas and place an order
How do i get a quote for Heating oil ?
Once you have seen the lowest prices on the site for your area from the latest price box ( in Green ) Enter your postcode in the Quick quote box to find our best prices for your post coded area, Then sign up to the website and get the price to fit all your requirements. The oil price changes all the time so the price you pay will be the price you are quoted when you place the order. You will always receive a confirmation email once you have placed your order.
Is there a minimum i can order ?
500 litres is the minimum order.
Can I Order a Fill?
No. Because we secure the price for you when ordering, we cannot offer a fill.
How Do I Place my Order?
You simple follow the step by step instructions through to payment.
Can I Order a Delivery to different Address?
Yes. Simply pick the address you want the oil delivered to from the drop down box.
How Long is the Oil Tankers Hose?
Tanker hoses are approximately 30 metres (100 feet)
Do you deliver in a Small tanker?
Delivery is most common on a Standard 6-wheeler, but the option is there on the order page to choose size of tanker needed. We offer 3 different sized tankers,6, 4-wheeler or Baby Tanker not all companies have baby tanker available and those that do tend to make a small charge for there use. If you do not select the right tanker when ordering, your order may go to a supplier who is unable to make the delivery.( It is your responsibility to choose the correct sized tanker.)
Do you offer Offset fills?
Do You Deliver Through the house?
No .
How Do I Pay for My Heating Oil order?
Payment is by Bank transfer or debit card only. Our payment services are provided by Barclaycard giving you the highest level of security. You will be asked to enter your card details during your online order. Payment will be taken from your card at that time of ordering. Upon delivery, if the full order volume cannot fit into your oil tank, you will be refunded difference. To your Heatingoil Account.
I ordered more oil than needed can i get my money back.
The money for the undelivered Heating oil will be credited to your heatingoil Account' and can be deducted from future orders. You can see this by logging onto 'My Account'.
Is there a choice on delivery times ordered?
When you place your order, you can choose from 4 different delivery windows.
Do i Get a delivey note?
Yes all deliveries are monitored, the meter on the oil tank are regulated by trading standards. Your delivery note will show you the actual amount of oil delivered, and the driver will post through your letterbox.
Who do i contact about my delivery
The oil Supplier who you selected when ordering, details of which are provided on your Order Confirmation email.
Can i request a call 24 hours before delivery?
Yes simply tick the box requesting this so as to allow you time to leave a gate open for access or for the unlocking of Tanks.
What should i do if my delivery is late?
If your delivery is later than the date on the confirmation email Contact the supplier.
Are My Card Details Safe & Secure?
We've use Barclaycard which deliveries a high level of security for your Debit card details. Your card details are not accessible to us.
Card Fees?
At this time there are no charges applicable to the end user of the Debit card.
Can I Get Refund?
Yes, you can request a refund of the money in your oil Account at anytime, subject to any current Heating Oil orders in progress. You can do this by logging onto your account and requesting a refund in the Oil Account.
How Much Money Is in My "Heating Oil Account"?
Simply go to my membership page and then Account area to see all your transactions, deposits and orders as well as an up-to-date balance. This page is completely secure; only you can access it.
Is all my personal information Secure?
We take your privacy seriously and treat all information in accordance with revelant data protection laws in the UK.
Do I Have to Pay to Use SpendLessOnFuel website?
No, membership is FREE - you only pay for your oil.
What is the advantage of using
We operate works 7 days a week. All emails we receive will be dealt with within 24 hours.Low overheads means better prices for you. Email us