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Berkshire 60.68
Bristol 60.68
Cornwall 60.68
Devon 60.68
Dorset 60.68
Gloucestershire 60.68
Hampshire 60.68
Oxfordshire 60.68
Somerset 60.68
Warwickshire 60.68
Wiltshire 60.68
Worcestershire 60.68
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Heating oil, Kerosene 28 Second, Burning Oil, Domestic Oil, Kero
Light yellowy coloured oil
When stored correctly is non-corrosive and when burned should produce no soot or odours.
Heating oil is approximately 50% more efficient than electric and 10% more than gas.
Used mainly for heating homes in rural and off grid areas
Premium oil, additive, Aga or Rayburn Oil
These are more refined than standard heating oil. It has been treated with additives to stabilise the oil allowing longer storage and cleaner burning. Reducing carbon emissions and helping reduce sludge build up in the bottom of your tank. You don’t need to change your boiler to use premium oil.
Red diesel also known as Gas oil 35 seconds
Red diesel is cherry red in colour because of the dye added to the oil.
So as to make it easily recognisable to HRMC. Used mainly for vehicles on farms, building sites, (JCB and cranes) snow ploughs and gritters.
Carries a lower rate of VAT than road diesel but also carries heavy penalties if misused so if in doubt check out the HMRC guidelines.
Gas oil is not as common as heating oil but is still used in many homes to keep their owners warm.
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